Kunal Gupta

A little bit about what I’m excited about and working on.

FindFocus.today is my leadership blog, where I share from my experiences. Topics include mindfulness, introspection & technology culture.

Polar is a global technology business that I run full-time (and started 12 years ago). Our customers are media companies around the world and we have offices in Toronto, New York, London and Sydney.

CAMH is Canada’s leading (and largest) mental health hospital and research organization, where I am on the Board.

Mindtech is a new initiative I’m involved with at the intersection of mental health and wellness, technology and entrepreneurship. More updates soon on this.

FindSilence.today is a new mindfulness resource I’ve started to build, it is in its early stages.

New York is currently home. I enjoy sharing mindfulness practices, teaching meditation and recently completed a yoga teacher training program.

You can reach me at k@bykunal.com or connect with me on LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram, Medium or Facebook.